Run Commands to access the control panel

Run Commands to access the control panel
appwiz.cpl - Add/Remove Programs
control admintools - Adminastrative Tools
control color - The Display with the appearance tab open
control date/time - Date and Time properties
control folders - Folder Options
control fonts - Fonts Folder
control infrared - Infrared folder if available
control netconnections - Network and Dial-up Connections window
control netware - Netware window if installed and available

control panel - Control Panle
control printers - Printers Folder control printers
control schedtasks - Schedule tasks window
ccontrol telephony - Location information window
control userpasswords - User Accounts
desk.cpl - Display Properties
findfast.cpl - FindFast control
firewall.cpl - Windows Firewall
Hdwwiz.cpl - Add Hardware Wizard
inetcpl.cpl - Internet Properties
intl.cpl - Regional and Language Options
joy.cpl - Game Controls
jpicpl32.cpl - Java Control Panle
main.cpl keyboard - keyboard Keyboard Properties
main.cpl - Mouse Properties
mlcfg32.cpl - Mail and Fax
mmsys.cpl - Multimedia Properties
mmsys.cpl sounds - Sound Properties
ncpa.cpl - NetWork Connections
netcpl.cpl - Network Properties
netsetup.cpl - Network Setup Wizard
nusrmgr.cpl - User Accounts
odbccp32.cpl - ODBC Data Source Administrator
Powercfg.cpl - Power Options
password.cpl - Password Properties control
sysdm.cpl - System Properties
Telephon.cpl - Telephone Controls
timedate.cpl - Date/Time Properties
wscui.cpl - Windows Security Center
Wuaucpl.cpl - Windows Auto Updater

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