Creating A Windows XP Password Reset Disk

Windows XP lets you create a reset disk so that, if you should forget your password at the logon screen, you'll be able to use the disk to reset the password.
Otherwise, you might never be able to log onto the account again. To make the disk, you use the Forgotten Password Wizard. Here's how (the following assumes your computer is not a member of a domain):

1. Click Start-->Control Panel, and double click User Accounts.

2. Click the account name under which you're logged on.

3. Under Related Tasks in the top box on the left, click Prevent a forgotten password.

4. On the first page of the wizard, click Next.

5. On the next page, choose the drive letter of the disk on which you want to create the reset disk (typically a:).

6. Enter your current password.

7. Click Next.

8. Click Finish.

This places an encrypted copy of your password on the disk. Now if you forget the password, you can use your reset disk to start the Password Reset Wizard and create a new password. Remember that you'll need to create a new reset disk any time you change your password.

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