Create A Drive Menu For My Computer In Windows XP

By default, the My Computer item on the Start menu is configured to work like a standard folder window. If you need to access a specific drive, select My Computer from the Start menu, wait a moment for the window to appear, and then double-click the icon for the drive that you need to access.

When you're in a hurry, this two-step procedure can be time-consuming and frustrating--especially if My Computer contains a large number of drive icons. However, Windows XP makes it easy for you to configure My Computer so it works like a menu, with each drive listed as a menu item.

Follow these steps:

1 Right-click the Start button, and select Properties.
2 Click Customize, which is adjacent to the Start Menu radio button, and select Advanced.
3 Scroll through the Start Menu Items list box until you see My Computer.
4 Select Display As A Menu, and click OK twice.

Now, when you select My Computer from the Start menu, you'll see a menu of individual drives. To access the contents of that drive, just select the drive letter from the menu.

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