Limit Logon Hours For Users

Parents might want to limit their children’s computer usage or u want limit  your employees computer usage, so they can set a time limit only between which they will be automatically allowed to log into their Windows account.

Limited usage for particular users for certain time periods can be set through commands.

The command for doing this is:

net user accountname /time:

For example, “net user ALLPCTIPS /time:M-F, 08:00-17:00

will only let the user ALLPCTIPS  log in between 8 and 5 from Monday to Friday.


"net user ALLPCTIPS/times:M-F,8am-3pm;Sa,8am-1pm;Su,8am-10am"

For specific days use this (M,T,W,Th,F,Sa,Su).

The value in case of time:all = a user can login always and null = a user can never login.

Separate day and time with commas, and units of day and time with semicolons as above.Do not use spaces between time.

To turn off limitation use the following.

"net user accountname/times:all"

replace accountname with the name of the account you wish to change.

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