XK2N.BAT malware Removal


* Cannot directly double click and enter any drive (especially USB drives)
* Computer slows down
* A hidden xk2n.bat file in every drive
* Double Click actions are happening in single click.
If you have experienced any of the above problems, you have this little jerk on board your system.

What does it do?

* Makes it impossible to access the drives directly. i.e. You cannot enter the drives by double clicking on its icon in My Computer. If it does open, it opens in a new window.
* Makes your system slow.

Files involved

*XK2N.BAT file in every drives.


The removal of this virus is simple.Just write the following code in a notepad and save the notepad as "remove.bat" or anything.bat in C drive.

@echo off
attrib "xk2n.bat" -s -h
del/f "xk2n.bat"

run this bat file.The file XK2N.BAT will be deleted. Restart your Computer.
Now check the C drive.It will open in the same window in double click.

Copy the bat file into other drives and do it for all the drives.

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