amvo hidden enemy - removal script

Amvo is a dirty virus, It usually hides itself from being shown in taks manager, and eats our processing speed. It also affects USB devices a lot. Usual behaviour is

* when drive is clicked to open, it will open a “Open with” dialog box
* Will not show hidden files, even if you change the folder options it will not take effect.

* Opens new window for for drives and folders in My Computer
* All of the USB drives will be loaded with this and when USB is used on another system it will restart system on autorun and the virus will start working on the new system
* Creates auto run files in all drives

The worst thing about the virus is almost no antivirus software finds and clears it completely, I have tried Mcafee, sdat, norton. Atlast I found a blog post that a had solution for this, The writer of the the blog Praval has given a good script that works well with the me.

If somebody would like to try the script you may get it here

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