Un-install Wordpad, Automatic Update,pinball etc

Un-install Wordpad, Automatic Update,
Messenger, Pinball etc
Use Notepad or another text editor to open the Setup Information file, sysoc.inf, which is
generally found in the C:\WINDOWS\INF folder. For this folder to be visible,
you will have to enable hidden folders by going into Windows Explorer and choosing Tools

[1] Folder
Options [1]View[1]Show Hidden Files and Folders. The lines in the file follow the format:
The Pinball game entry, as an example, looks like this:
Remove the word HIDE from the entry that refers to the component you want to remove.
Save the sysoc.inf file, and run the Windows Components Wizard under Add/Remove
programs. The component will now show up in the wizard. Remove it as you would any other

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