Speeding Up the Dual-Boot Timeout

If you dual-boot your computer with Windows XP and another operating system, you
see an operating system selection menu on startup. If you typically boot into Windows
XP and not the other operating system, you can speed up the dual-boot timeout value
so that you do not wait so long for the boot process to select your default operating system and continue with the boot process. The default timeout value is 30 seconds

but you can change this setting to 10. This gives you enough time to select the
alternate operating system if you want but also speeds up the boot process. You can
skip this section if you do not use a dual-boot configuration.
Follow these steps:

1. Locate the boot.ini file on your computer. It is a hidden file by default; mine is
located in C:\boot.ini.

2. Open the file with Notepad (which is what opens it by default).

3. Change the Timeout value to 10.

4. Select File/Save and close Notepad.

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