Disabe Windows File Protection

WFP is used to protect the core system files of Windows XP from being changed, whether accidentally or otherwise. This is of more importance if the system in question is accessible by multiple users. System Administrators endorse this feature. Simply explained WFP is used to make sure you don't accidentally mess up something you shouldn't. For the Power User (video editor) WFP doesn't really have much use. It utilizes CPU cycles that could be better used in your other applications. It's wasting hard drive space for the cache folder, etc. For the Power User it is better to disable it altogether. By default WFP will cache a large amount of Protected System files (size depends on hard drive space). While this makes replacing protected files good, it also can take up an enormous amount of hard drive space depending on the amount of files to be cached.

I have not been able to find out whether limiting the size in XP helps much. I therefore, disable it altogether. Note I had this included in the Win2K TWEAKS guide and one individual reported having some problems after doing this - Others that have done this report no problems - do not if that person accidentally made a entry error or what. Appears it may have been Network related. I just mention because it did happen and may want to utilize System Restore or have a Ghost Backup if you are uncomfortable. A side note- you can not even make this change in Win 2K after SP2 is installed.

Start > Run > regedit > Enter Navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
Go to SFCDisable right click modify and change the following in hexidecimal
(DWORD Value) Value Data: (0 = enabled (default), 0xffffff9d = disabled)The value of "SFCDisable" should be 0xffffff9d to disable WFS or "0" to re-enable if have problem. The other valid values are: "1" for disabled, prompt at boot to re-enable"2" for disabled at next boot only, no prompt to re-enable
"4" for enabled, with popups disabled Restart Windows for the change to take effect.
After late hours of installing fresh both Win 2000 & Win XP, I am not certain whether XP has the inhibit change for the WFP like what occurred after the Win 2000 SP 2 upgrade. My settings show 0xffffff9d but I can't remember if had to use workaround fix like Win 2K SP2. If you try the above change and it does not take (after reboot) you can get a Fix. The Fix has to make an adjustment in the sfc.dll. A guy wrote a quick exe program that takes care of this and I used on 2K. There are also numerous sites on the web which show you how to edit the dll but I think the fix is easier. You can go to : http://www.collakesoftware.com/downloads.htm then go to SetSFC and click on Downlad SetSfc v1.01 (~6k) After running you can make the changes noted above and they stick.If all this scares you can go to www.xteq.com and get XTEQ X-SETUP: The program is free and utilizes many settings to TWEAK Win 2000 & XP. In fact many or the registry changes noted here x-setup can do from within the program (and change them back). For WFP disable first install the program and go to the X-Setup tab click the Launch X-Setup Default UI, then close the tip that will pop up and then on left side then click on + sign to left of System then + sign of Software Installation then click Windows File Protection and then click on WFP enable and follow instructions. That's it. You may wan to explore the program and note some of the TWEAKS I list that are also included there and you could make changes from the program itself rather than registry entry. Note - You are at your own risk if you try other TWEAKS than those I list.

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