Command Prompt on Right-Clicking a folder

With this tip, you can right-click any folder in your windows and open a command prompt at
that folder. It is a very old hack and I am mentioning it here because of compulsion.Run the
registry Editor and navigate to

Create a new key called Command Prompt. For the default value, enter whatever text you
want to appear when you right-click a folder.. Create a new key beneath the Command
Prompt key called Command. Set the default value to Cmd.exe /k pushd %L. That value will
launch Cmd.exe, which is the XP command prompt. The “/k” switch puts the prompt into
interactive mode. That is, it lets you issue commands from the command prompt; the
command prompt isn't being used to issue only a single command and then exit. The “pushd”
command stores the name of the current directory, and “%L” uses that name to start the
command prompt at it. Exit the registry

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